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There’s good and bad stuff in this specific subgenre, just like there’s good and bad stuff in any category of art.In this vein, an author’s choice to create something confessional doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is any lesser a writer, etc.I was literally a few weeks fresh from a divorce after having spent nearly a decade with the same guy, which makes the line, "I've had them all," even more comic and ridiculous. Which of Brad Pitt's body parts bodes well for Brangelina? Topless Donatella Versace shows us what young Hollywood will look like in old age. Then, someone your own age who didn't spend a few years fucking off mentions their intern. Haha, she's getting her intern via Craigslist, though, so cancel that order of Oh-God-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life.' I can't believe it,' he says softly, 'a serious conversation with Mandy Stadtmiller.'" Is this the end for the happy couple? "About Last Night" is like "Entourage"; everything always works out for everyone at the end.[ dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller: She's a product of the people she surrounds herself with.Mostly, I was struck, reading Stadtmiller’s piece and emails, how both correspondents are jocularly, verbosely self-aware about their limitations.“I got preachy and condescending (so unusual for me),” Sorkin writes in his email about the moment that inspired the gossip columnist character.

And, of course, there's me—nauseautingly, wincingly, shut-the-hell-up-already -about-my-smug-nascent-perfect-relationship me." There is, Mandy! [ dating columnist Mandy Stadtmiller and her preppy BF? I'm afraid that he just wants a trophy girl, and that's simply not me.

Also, we’re not so sure there’s a problem with oversharing per se.

We’re not outright appealing to common practice — we know that just because a bunch of people do something doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Introducing people at a party by their blog name." Today, dater Mandy Stadtmiller adds another item to that long and treasured list: After saying that you've taken a "hiatus" from posting on your blog, making an exception to "defend" yourself against someone who has "libeled" you on the Internet. This is from a girl named A., who when I sent out an email about moving to New York wrote me saying she knew a band I was friends with.

She also (I just checked the original note she sent me) brought up how tall I was because she said she had a couch I could stay on that was limited to someone who was 5'7". I think she then talked about how men treated her based on her looks, saying they expected a dominatrix-type role, so I said what do you look like? Cool, whatever, I'm not the one who brought it up.

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