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Cross-platform compatibility between Mac and Windows is not a new concept.

Hidden traps, vast mazes, laser beams, and, most of all, countless hairy puzzles usually block your direct way to the Oxyd stones …

Finally, Sidney found a way to compile Enigma for Mac, and thus we are particularly happy that Enigma returns to Mac! Our thanks go to our translators for their immense work, and in particular to Michał Trzebiatowski, who introduced us to Transifex and organized this impressive success!

Enigma would be nothing were it not for its levels.

You can extract the Daphne's "Zip" file to any folder on your computer that you would like. After downloading the file, just double-click on it to mount it, then drag the Daphne icon to your Applications folder. This isn't the only way to play Dragon's Lair, but it is the easiest way, and the only way that we recommend.

If you don't know where to extract to, "c:\daphne" is a place that will work. If you want to try other ways to play Dragon's Lair, make sure you have successfully gotten this method working first!

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